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              SHP packer

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              The electric pump well pumped by the electric submersible pump has a long-term immersion into the downhole oil water and the corrosive composite medium rich in H2S due to the end oil pipe near the electric submersible pump, and there is a risk of fracture due to corrosion of the oil pipe, if the oil pipe When the fault occurs, the electric submersible pump will fall into the bottom of the well, causing difficulty in salvage or salvage in the later stage, which seriously affects the subsequent operations. The SHP anti-falling packer can be used for a long time under the submerged oil layer, that is, below the electric submersible pump, to prevent the electric submersible pump from falling. When the electric submersible pump falls due to corrosion of the oil pipe, the SHP anti-falling packer will take over the electric submersible pump to facilitate the subsequent salvage operation. When the electric submersible pump does not fall and needs to be lifted out, the SHP packer can be unsealed and raised by the fishing tool. This construction process greatly facilitates the salvage operation of the electric submersible pump and improves the efficiency of the salvage operation.
              In 2016, China Oil Energy Technology Service Co., Ltd. proposed the process improvement idea. After the technical research and development personnel of our company learned about the on-site construction process and the wellbore situation, after half a year of R&D test, after the successful completion of the well test at the end of 2016, it began. Large-scale application of the Tarim Oilfield.
              SHP anti-falling packer into the well tubular column diagram.
              Photo use on site (currently available in China Oil Energy)