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              CHAMP packer

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              The CHAMP packer is based on the original RTTS packer. It adds a bypass mechanism to the original RTTS packer to reduce the suction of the tool during the downhole process. cycle. The rest of the functionality is the same as the RTTS packer.
              The Ma Shen 1 well belongs to a key exploration well deployed by Sinopec in the northeastern Sichuan Basin. The well was drilled by the 90106ZY drilling team of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd., which belongs to the petrochemical oil service. At the beginning of March 2016, the drilling was completed smoothly, and the drilling depth was 8418 meters, which is equivalent to the height of a Everest down, creating the first ultra-deep drilling record in Asia. The 5 1/2CHAMP packer designed and developed by our company is responsible for the test work of the well of 7510 meters. According to the requirements of Party A, the CHAMP packer needs a pressure resistance of 105 MPa and a temperature resistance of 240 °C. In June 2016, the tools went down, and our company arranged R&D engineers to conduct on-site technical guidance services.
              The field column configuration is shown in the figure.

              The packer is lowered into the design position of 7510 meters (stationary suspension weight 110t), the pipe string is 7 meters (including the expansion and contraction of the expansion joint and the column elongation), the right-handed column is 12 turns, and the pipe string is suspended. To 92t, the packer is set to seal and the tonnage is 18t. Then, the slurry is recycled, the circulation hole is closed, the ball valve is opened, and after the packer is properly sealed, the fracturing operation is started, and the fracturing operation is successfully completed.
              When drilling, the packer is unsealed. After the tonnage reaches 136t, the value of the counterweight is no longer increased, and the lifting is continued until the entire column is taken out of the wellbore.
              This is the deepest time for the packer produced by our company. In order to ensure the success rate of the tool into the well, the technical research and development personnel of our company carried out the continuous high temperature and high pressure test of the CHAMP packer for 96 hours before the tool entered the well, the temperature was 210 ° C and the pressure was 105 MPa. There was no leakage throughout the test. The packer was then subjected to a ground test pressure and temperature test. And passed the acceptance test in the simulation well of the oil and gas testing company of Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company.
              CHAMP packer downhole

              CHAMP packer out of the well