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              New MFC through-scratch integrated work column

              [ Information dissemination:This station | Release Time:2019-07-12 | Browse:497 ]

              The well is the inspection of the well diameter. It is the most direct, simple and convenient method of wellbore detection by knowing the wellbore through the well and understanding whether the wellbore can smoothly and smoothly enter various downhole tools. The well can not only remove solid materials adhering to the inner wall of the casing, such as steel slag, burrs, cement residues, but also check the casing diameter, deformation and damage.
              The casing scraper can be used to remove cement blocks, cement rings, hard wax, various salt crystals or deposits, perforating burrs and iron oxides generated by the casing corrosion after remaining on the inner wall of the casing. Unblocked underground into a variety of downhole tools.
              Since the scraper of the conventional scraper is always in the open state, and the unilateral clearance between the well gauge and the casing is very small, only about 3-5 mm, if the well is scraped together with the gauge, I don’t know the casing condition in the underground, it is easy to cause the solid material such as cement block, hard wax and steel slag scraped down by the scraper to deposit on the well gauge and the stuck gauge will cause the stuck drill accident, so the well and The scraping operation is carried out separately.

              In 2011, the new FMC hydraulic scraper jointly developed by our company and Zhongyou Energy Technology Service Co., Ltd. has a structure in which the scraper is in the retracted state when the well is down, so it can be integrated with the through-well ruler. The scraper is connected to the upper part of the well gauge. Since the scraper is in the recovery state, the scraper is not scraped during the downhole path, so that no debris is blocked by the well gauge, and when the entire through-pass process is over, the probe cover is completed. After the pipe condition, the scraper is opened by casting the ball from the wellhead, and the scraping operation can be realized at the same time as the pipe string is taken out, and the scraped solid matter is recycled back to the wellhead through the mud.
              In 2013, according to the needs of the site, our company has designed and developed a new type of well gauge. Our company's original well-passing gauge with bypass circulation passage can form an annulus between the outer diameter of the well and the inner diameter of the casing, and can also form an annulus between the well gauge and the shoe. The new circulation channel solves the problem of easy card drilling when the common well gauge and the scraper are combined and integrated, thereby reducing the one-off drilling operation, effectively improving the operation efficiency and reducing the operation cost.
              The new MFC through-scraping integrated pipe string is made up of MFC hydraulic scraper, sliding sleeve switch, new type of well gauge and shoes. And has obtained national invention patents. Patent No.: ZL201410525252.6